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Finding a steady job and signing an employment contract is one of the most significant steps in your life. It’s a sure sign that you slowly, but surely stepped into the world of adults. And the adults have the right to relax and forget about everyday problems and stress too. Recreational consuming of marijuana is one of the easiest ways to do that.

Although the legalization of this plant is still in the gray zone, its components such as THC and CBD are used in the pharmaceutical industry and are increasingly represented in medicine as highly effective and reliable medications. However, companies still do not look at it in a favorable way so the drug testing of employees can be pretty often, especially if you are working in a responsible position.

A Drug Test is Announced – Now What?

You may have gone too far for the weekend, and you know that you a drug test is waiting for you in just a few days. The enjoyment of smoking is not worth losing a job, so you have to clean your body before the examination. When the test shows the desired results that will be quite a relief.

There are many products on the Internet that can help you to pass a drug test; however, the delivery often takes several days. You can order a product and wait for it. In those days, don’t waste your time and use home-made remedies for detoxification. You can even bring them to work – no one will know what it is.

Citruses Juice to the Rescue

Maybe you are not thrilled with the amount of acid you will bring into your body, but citruses are the perfect first aid for speed detox. In addition to cleansing your body, it can also help in melting fat deposits, where toxins are most often held back, and thus alleviate any future process of their elimination.

Please note that no home-made drink is as effective as special drug test detox kits because they can certainly speed up the elimination of toxins. Drink 2 liters of warmish lemonade each day (juice of 3 or 4 lemons mixed with required amount of hot water, no sugar), and combine some of the below-mentioned drinks with it.


Flavanoid from grapefruit is one of the most powerful antioxidants found in citrus. It improves the activity of liver enzymes to decompose toxins quickly, and thus eliminates them more easily from the body. Besides, it has a significant amount of vitamin C, to boost the function of your immunity during detoxification.

That’s why you can use the grape in a similar way as lemon - instead of lemonade, you can make grape-o-nade. It’s a bit tastier than sour lemon so you can blend it in a variety of smoothies, with the addition of cinnamon and honey, which also have antioxidant properties.

Green smoothie

The mixtures of citrus and leafy vegetables are always a winning combination. Kale, spinach, cabbage, and asparagus abound in fibers, which are the most effective natural cleanser of the organism. Plus, chlorophyll gives a lovely green color to these veggies; this pigment “forces” our immune cells to break even many years of toxin deposits in our body.

Start every day before the test with some green smoothie in which you will squeeze one lemon. You can use any mix of fruits and vegetables, but let it be about the same amount. An extra hint is to add herbs, proven as natural diuretics as dandelion, mint, etc.

More about the benefits of dandelion in body cleansing find on this source:

Perhaps this is not the tastiest thing in the world, but it can do wonders for your organism. After breakfast, drink one more smoothie for the afternoon snack. Limit in quantity does not exist; this beverage cannot harm you, but for the best results, it’s best to combine several detox drinks.

Spicy Detox Tea

You can drink this tea on the day of the test. Everything you need is already in your kitchen. In 16 oz of hot water, pour 2 tablespoons of apple vinegar and lemon juice, a tablespoon of powdered ginger, a full teaspoon of cinnamon and a pinch of cayenne pepper.

The mixture should boil and sit for a while. And you have to drink it warm. You assume that the taste is awful, and we mean, really awful so no sweetening will help you. So stuff your nose and drink this at once. On the day of the test, be sure to take another dose of the “tea.”

Along with these detox potions, drink plenty of water. Whenever you feel the need to urinate, and this will be quite often these days, do that. Another tip is to eat light and unprocessed food before drug test so that the elimination of marijuana toxins will be even faster.