Clear Signs You Need To Hire A New Personal Trainer

The truth is that most personal trainers are not actually that great. They will not help you to reach your goals so you do have to be extremely careful about whom you work with. If you now work with a personal trainer, here are the clear signs that you need to change the professional with someone else. Always work with the very best fitness transformation coach you can find and afford. This should be your main priority.

Not Doing A Personal Assessment

The very best personal trainer will always perform a complete and thorough assessment when staring new work with a client. This should be done before anything else. If your current trainer did not actually do this, it is a sign that you might want to look for someone else.

Personal trainers also often perform new assessments as they are interested in seeing how the clients evolve. Always be sure that the trainer is interested in your goals, not money. The very best specialists out there will make sure that the plan they use is based on you, not someone else.

No Previous Success Proof

Even with an online PT you can see proof of past success. The truth is that nutritional consultation and personal training are in no way cheap. You can easily end up spending even up to $5,000 to $20,000 per 6 months of meeting with the trainer. Because of this, it is only fair that the trainer proves the fact that he/she is successful. The very best nutritionists and trainers always keep statistics about their clients. Client adherence is tracked so you do want to be offered some sort of proof that results will appear. It is normal that results vary but when the personal trainer can prove past success, there is a much better possibility you will reach your goal.

The Trainer Is Not Fit Or Healthy

Take a look at the numerous professionals in Los Angeles. You quickly figure out the fact that they have one thing in common: they are in great shape. Similarly to the realtors that never actually owned a property, the personal trainer that is not healthy and fit is not someone you should hire.

While the personal trainer does not need to look just like a model and there is no real standard, the trainer should have a much better overall health profile than an average individual. The trainer simply needs to practice what is taught.

The Fitness Plan Is Not Long Term

Most personal trainers out there simply train their clients without any long term plan. This is not a good approach to any type of fitness. After the physical assessment is done, the very best personal trainers will always build a plan that is at least three months long. That plan is personalized based on goals, needs and fitness level. When you go to a commercial gym you often see trainers making up workouts as time passes. Without a plan, you cannot actually monitor success and see if what you do is working or not.