Explain to Your Kids the Dangers of Excessive Phone Use

These days, you can easily find kids who are using their mobile devices for playing games and other activities. Before, these mobile devices were not easy to access. Therefore, when you were young, you had to look for different ways to entertain yourself.

Some people might argue that it is unhealthy for you to allow your kids to play using their phones. There are also tons of other issues with the idea of kids continually using their phones. Although it is true, you can’t entirely stop kids from making the most of these mobile devices. Preventing them is a step backwards. It seems like we are already in a world of wireless technology and gadgets. You don’t want your kids to feel left out.

You need to inform your kids regarding the dangers of using phones excessively. If they have reached an age when they can already understand these consequences, it would be easy for you to discuss the problems with them.

Set rules

An excellent way to help them understand your point is to set standards. It does not mean that you stop them from using their phones, but they can use them only within a given period. Once their time is up, they have no choice but to do other things. You can’t be too lenient when setting these rules for them to follow.

Explain the impact on their health

You might already understand by now that phones emit radiation that can affect children’s health. They don’t have a robust immune system like adults, and they could quickly get sick with excessive exposure to radiation. It might be a difficult concept to explain, so you need to try simplifying things for them.

They are missing a lot

You also need to show what they are missing if they use their phones excessively. You can talk about how you played with real toys in the past instead of mobile devices. You had fun, and you forged a bond with them. You also need to tell them that they are already missing several hours of sleep because they can’t take their hands off their phones, and it is not healthy for them.

Keep them protected

It is a good thing to let kids know the detrimental effects of phone use. Take it further by using devices that will protect them. There are EMF protection devices available to help block the impact of radiation on their body. You can find these electromagnetic field protective devices online by checking out www.lifeenergysolutions.com.

You can’t let your kids continue using their mobile devices without understanding the effects. When they get sick later, you might feel guilty because you did not do enough to help them even when you saw them playing with their phones. They might not understand your point right away, but your constant reminders will somehow make them think about it, each time they play on their phone.