Guadalajara is our Top Choice of Mexican Cities for Liposuction

Mexico is one of the most popular destinations for Americans and Canadians to go to for elective cosmetic surgery procedures like liposuction. The country is vast, offering a wide choice of cities for medical tourists. But, while most people tend to go to tourist favourites there is one that offers a slightly different experience and it is our top choice of Mexican cities for liposuction—Guadalajara.

As people are becoming more body-conscious, the selfie culture has accelerated the desire for body perfection. Diet and exercise may, or may not, be part of an individual’s regime to get the shape they want but if they need a little additional help then heading south of the Border for liposuction in Mexico is not a bad option. So, why choose Guadalajara?

1. Lower Cost Care

This is the primary reason for medical tourism. Prices at home typically cost many thousands of dollars, whereas the prices for liposuction in Guadalajara are often 60-75% lower. For a procedure costing $12,000 that’s a huge saving of at least $7,000.

2. Quality of Care

Quality of care is an important factor and one that can be measured tangibly. It includes medical expertise, effectiveness of treatments, efficiency, safety and patient-centeredness.

For cosmetic surgery Guadalajara excels, with highly-skilled surgeons and state-of-the-art facilities that tick all the right boxes.  Surgeons, such as Dr Juan Gordillo at the Puerta de Hierro Medical Center and Dr Jenny Jenny Bracamontes Blanco at the Innovare Clinic, are just two of the specialists that have received glowing references from international patients. Furthermore, the centers they are based at are counted among the premier cosmetic surgery facilities in Latin America.

3. Enjoying a Vacation

A vacation is not the primary reason for medical tourism, but it is a factor. Most images of medical vacations are of exotic destinations: white, sandy beaches and turquoise oceans fringed with palm trees. However, this is not everybody’s idea of a vacation, and post-surgery it is a somewhat impractical ideal. Given that sand gets everywhere, exposing recently sutured flesh to a sandy beach is not optimal for recovery.

Guadalajara offers an altogether different experience. Firstly, as Mexico’s second largest city, it has all the services and amenities that any large city offers—good accommodation, shops, restaurants and transport—all within easy reach, and although the city is popular with Mexicans, it is rather off-the-beaten track as far as international tourists are concerned. For some international visitors this is rather a plus point.

The city is dynamic and exciting, but not overcrowded in the way that Mexico City is. It is also compact, particularly around the historic center. For patients in recovery from surgery such as liposuction, gentle walks will help to build stamina and reduce swelling to speed up recovery. There are lots of attractions in the area and as patients get fitter they can go further afield to other neighborhoods, gently getting back into the swing of things and enjoying the sights and sounds this traditional Mexican city offers.

Guadalajara is a Top Choice

Heading to Mexico for liposuction in Guadalajara provides good-quality surgeons, facilities and prices, as well as a great location for a vacation and recovery, which is why it is our top choice.