Useful Information on SARM

SARM, also known as selective androgen receptor modulator, is a supplement with similar chemical composition to anabolic steroid. SARM was first introduced in 1998. Many pharmaceutical companies that offer SARM drugs carry out clinical trials to test its efficacy. There are a number of SARM drugs available in the market including Ostarine (MK-2866), Andrarine (GSX-007) and Cardarine (GW-50156). SARMs are often called by its numeric name as they haven’t yet been approved by FDA and the manufacturers did not want to name them.

SARM is designed to replace steroid because it does not produce steroid related side effects. Many body builders use steroid to improve their bodybuilding performance but steroid can yield a lot of negative effects. Steroid can produce negative side effects like aggressiveness, higher level of bad cholesterol, high blood pressure, baldness, heart problems, and excess oils on skin. Taking steroid regularly can also lead to addiction.

SARM is non toxic and it does not cause organ damage. It does not interact with the reproductive organs, liver, brain and puberty characteristics. It does not cause bone loss and will not hinder the HPTA. If you are a bodybuilder, SARM can help you to develop lean muscles faster and offers a significant improvement to your strength. It also speeds up the healing of injured joints and other injuries that occur around your body during your bodybuilding session.

SARM is more selective and will not take away the characteristics of your manhood such as development women breast on your chest. SARM will not decompose into smaller molecules like DHT.  It will not convert into 5-a reductase enzyme that has the ability to convert testosterone into DHT. SARM also will not convert into enzyme aromatase that has the ability to convert testosterone into estrogen. SARM is not as potent as steroid so it is less likely to hinder the healthy production of natural testosterone.

It is legal to purchase SARM but your intention to purchase them must be for research purpose. Many SARM retailers will put the label “for lab research only” on the supplements to indicate that it is not to be eaten. The reason is to protect themselves from getting into trouble with the government in case a ban is put on the drug. Lots of clinical trials that involve human participants have already been conducted.

Ostarine, also known as MK-2866, is the best studied SARM supplement. Dozens of clinical studies were conducted and they all show that Ostarine does not produce any significant side effect. Ostarine can be taken by people who are involved in bodybuilding as well as seniors who want to prevent their muscles from becoming atrophy. Studies show that seniors who take Ostarine for 12 weeks gain at least 3 pounds of muscles and they did not make any changes to their lifestyle at all. You can expect at least 1 pound of muscle growth per month if you stick to an exercise routine while taking the supplement at the same time.

Initially, SARM supplement was invented with the aim of helping people who suffer from diseases such as wasting disease, osteoporosis, and fatigue. It was hoped that it could replace testosterone replacement therapy. SARM is suitable for use in losing weight because it preserve lean muscles and does not increase the level of water retention.

SARM only produces minimal side effects and it is estimated that 99.9% of users will not experience any side effect at all. You should avoid exceeding the recommended dose in case life threatening side effect develops. SARM can be taken orally without the need of undergoing an injection. For your safety, you should always wait at least 4 weeks before resuming the next cycle.