Using Social Media to Market Your Medical Products

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that every type of business can benefit from using. Whether you’re using Instagram to sell or just using it as a way to advertise, getting your business on social media seems to be a necessity these days. While every business can benefit from it, not all advertising and marketing methods will be as effective for one type as they will for another. For example, marketing medical products on social media is a lot different than marketing clothing and may require a unique approach.

Rather than publishing your favorite clothing-related memes among posts about your latest arrivals, when you use social media to market your medical products, you have to do things differently. Your tone will generally need to be more serious, and your approach will need to be more formal in some cases; however, you can use it to build trust, help your products stand out, and educate your followers, making it an important tool to use.

If you’re just getting started or are ready to revamp your social media pages, here are a few tips to help you use social media to market your medical products right:

Get on the Right Platform

Different platforms are designed for and used by different demographics. LinkedIn, for example, is not the place to post personal photos and information about your vacation. Facebook and Instagram, on the other hand, are full of people who love seeing those types of things. So, which social media platforms are best for medical products?

Facebook, being a general platform that covers everything from musicians to food manufacturers, is a platform that your business needs to be on. It’s free to use, it helps you easily connect with your followers, and it enables you to target new customers through ads with niche demographic options.

In some cases, Pinterest is also a social media platform that your business should be on. If your product is both beauty and medicine related, then it’s a great place to advertise and educate. Posting on Pinterest can help you pick up new customers and educate those who may not know the truth about your product and the specific conditions that it helps.

There are also several niche social media sites that are designed specifically for healthcare providers; however, they may be a great option for you and your business as well. Whether you advertise or maintain a profile to interact with providers who offer your products to their patients, it’s important to be on the networks that your target audience is on too.

Let it Help You with Market Research

When you run a business, it’s important to conduct market research. Not only when you’re first launching, but throughout the life of your business as well. The more information you can gather about what your target audience wants and what feedback they’re giving about your product, the better. Social media is a great way to gather that info and use it in your market research, helping you improve your product and make it better for your clients.

Even if they aren’t following your brand’s page(s), people will say stuff about your business that you can monitor and watch, then use to help you make the changes you need to or to know what you’re doing right so that you can continue to focus on that area.

Use it to Educate

One of the biggest challenges today is properly educating clients on your products. Not only do you have to educate them about the benefits and proper use of your product, but sometimes you may have to educate them on the dangers and misinformation out there about other products that are similar to yours. Luckily, social media is a quick and easy way to start getting the word out about your products and educating your clients and potential clients properly. In doing so, you will build up trust and authority in the space and establish yourself as a resource for those looking into your product and products like yours.

It’s important to remember, though, that not all of your clients are familiar with the jargon used in your industry or the technical terms and explanations. On top of that, people reading online don’t typically want to read long, detailed explanations, so keeping it short, understandable, but informational is important. If you want some examples of brands using education to engage their audience, check this out.

Final Thoughts

Social media is a powerful tool that can be used by businesses in many ways. From connecting with clients to educating them, or using it as a way to offer customer service, every business should be on the social media platforms where their target audiences are and take full advantage of the benefits social media has to offer.

What will you do to better utilize social media going forward?